“Pamwe Chete” literally means “Together only” or “All together” in Shona.

Formed in late 1973 as the Rhodesian bush war intensified, the Selous Scouts Regiment very soon became one of Africa’s and for that matter, the world’s, foremost and ruthless proponents of pseudo operations in guerrilla counter-insurgency warfare. During its short seven-year existence, up to Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980, this regiment was to write, with honour, its name into the annals of military history.

In spite of sanctions, a hostile world opinion and a sometimes cumbersome and archaic Rhodesian political and military high command, the Selous Scouts were still able, through innovation, imagination, bravery, courage and daring, to wreak havoc and destruction on the country’s enemies.

The regiment, a unique brotherhood of men that traversed both cultural and racial differences. They were without argument one of the most Elite Special Forces Units ever formed, and undoubtedly the best pseudo terrorist unit ever created.

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