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This site is for both collectors and people alike that are interested in Rhodesian militaria.

The purpose of this site is to explain the difference between genuine Rhodesian items and the fakes and copies. The items that I will cover on this site are the ones that are the rarer, and the ones that tend to be the more expensive to buy el loro. These are predominantly items from the Selous Scouts, ‘C’ (Rhodesia) Squadron 22 Special Air Service Regiment, Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI) and the Grey’s Scouts. I have also covered some of the more faked items other than from these units. These will include the Brigade patches, most of the Paratrooper Wings, some Stable Belts, Rank Slides and medals. Units not represented here just means that their particular militaria is either not faked at all, or is faked in a limited amount.

The majority of the photos displayed here are items that are in my collection or have at one stage been in my collection. Most of them are in mint condition. There are however some photos from fellow collectors who were kind enough to allow me to display them here. All of the items listed here are genuine except for the one page of fakes.

There is some amount of confusion amongst some collectors of Rhodesian Military insignia of what is genuine and what is not. The main problem for this is because there is not one definitive book on Rhodesian insignia. There is also not a book or any information telling the difference between the genuine items and the fake ones. Another problem is that some of the militaria shown in some of the reference books is not genuine.

I have numbered what militaria I could from four books.

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‘Insignia and History of the Rhodesian Armed Forces 1890-1980 (4th Edition)’ by Dudley Wall. It will have the prefix and number starting with DW.

‘The Military Badges and Insignia of Southern Africa’ by Colin Owen. It will have the prefix and number starting with OW.

‘SAS Rhodesia’ by Jonathon Pittaway and Craig Fourie. It will have the prefix and number starting with JPCF.

‘Service Before Self’ by Mark Radford. It will have the prefix and number starting with RAD.

This is to help people who wish to reference the militaria displayed on this website with any of these books.

My hope is that this site will be of some help to people who are interested in collecting genuine Rhodesian militaria or people that just have an interest in learning about it.
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Africa rhodesians militaria and Rhodesian Army

I have added a link to the BSA Police Regimental Association.

Many books have been written on the Rhodesian Security Forces but there has never been a book written about No 1 Parachute Training School, Rhodesian Air Force or the lives of the people who made up PTS.  

Theirs is a story that has taken too long to tell and will now be told 31 years after the end of the Rhodesian Bush War.

Help Needed:

Could anyone that knows the family of the late Jim Henry of the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG), killed in action, Western Desert, 1943 please contact Craig Fourie on email.